Solar Power System

Solar Power Systems

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. offer Integrated Solar Power Systems. Through the earth facing an energy crisis, it is appropriate and more important to try to preserve our non-renewable source by dropping our dependence on them. We can decrease our dependency on them by via renewable energy solution to change the non-renewable power sources we use to produce electrical energy. The solar energy marketplace in universal is one of the most successful industrial sectors.

Global warm and environmental issues awareness have clearly given a blooming push to shift from fossil force to sustainable energies, particularly solar energy. Solutions based on sustainable energies are aggravated to mitigate the future decrease of the reliance on common need on fossil fuels to competition the planet growth's path.

Amongst renewable energies and mainly solar energy, focused Solar Power is playing a rising role so to construct large amounts of power to supply district and national grids.


  • SPV systems with or not including grid interaction
  • System ability range from 10 kW to 100 kW
  • High capable crystalline silicon unit for reliable operation
  • Power conditioning Unit (PCU) consists of high effectiveness inverter
  • High proficient electronics and electrical objects


  • Reliable process through high competence crystalline silicon element
  • The Life of solar panels is 25 to 30 years
  • Easy to keep and install
  • 80% accelerate depreciation profit available
  • Increased output with consistent power for smash free process