Mini Misting System

Mini Misting System

Say “Good Bye” to Heat and Mosquitoes this summer and enjoy pleasant and comfortable environment with Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.’s “Mini Misting System”

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. has come up with High Pressure Mini Misting System for residential use and inviting everyone to take advantage of the same technology that world-class resorts use to enhance guest comfort.

Don’t wait and call us to add Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.’s Mini Misting System to your home at “Very Affordable Price”.

Drop temperatures by up to 15 degrees or create dramatic pure water fog effects for your landscaping and water feature with Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd..

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  • Significantly lowers ambient temperature.
  • Mosquitoes free environment with natural essential oils.
  • Eliminates dust, pollens and flying insect.
  • Versatile, flexible.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very Low energy cost.
  • High efficiency.
  • Low Pricing.

Complete your outdoor living experience with Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. high pressure misting system.

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. Mini Misting System CTEC20 includes:

  • 3/8" UV-Treated Flexible PVC Mist Line- 20 mts
  • Micronizers with inbuilt filter- 15 nos
  • High Pressure brass Connectors- 15 nos
  • High Pressure end cap- 1 nos
  • 10” Filter with S.S clamp- 1 nos
  • High pressure brass transformer- 1 nos
  • Control Module CTEC20- 1 nos
  • High pressure with motor- 1nos
  • Pressure gauge- 1nos

Features of Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. CTEC20 mini misting machine:

  • Nickel-plated forged brass manifold resists rust and corrosion.
  • Internal rinse cooling design to increase pump life.
  • Oil Free pump.
  • Dual bearing design to lower the heat and noise level down to 75 dB.
  • Auto/ Manual mode
  • Cyclic timer and seconds to set the misting intervals as well as pressure release
  • Inlet filter system increases the pump's life and reduces clogged nozzles.
  • Available in 50HZ/230V.
  • 1000 psi operating pressure for optimal misting effect using the narrowest orifice nozzles.


  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Terrace
  • Balcony
  • Water bodies
  • Animal sheds

With Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.’s Mini Misting System also add low-lying fog to a coy pond, integrate 'naturally occurring' mist into a waterfall, or form a backdrop to landscape lighting also used to cool pets and provide the ideal environmental control for plants and landscapes. The many uses and applications are only bound by your imagination.

“Transform your home into a resort-like atmosphere and experience Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.”.

At Very Affordable Price.