Live Herbal Life Style

Our Philosophy

In the name of our children and our children’s children, we will manufacture products that will not harm our environment.

They will be products made from natural materials that pose no threat to our country’s ecology and fauna. They will care for the well- being of human kind, the home, and the environment.

We will provide opportunity for people who share our concern to join our endeavours.

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Misting System and Service Provider Company in India. In 2005 Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. organization was produced to bring to the marketplace position Live Herbal natural solution for House hold, Commercial, Hospitals, Hotels, restaurant and individual care. Live Herbal is head in natural technology. Materials source from nature are mutual in “state of the art” equipment to meet the exacting demands of latest and modern day products.

At Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. we believe that being Indian and mortal the best instils delight in those who use our goods. Reputations that make sure all Indians can have the advantage of the use of our product. When we decide our prefect home, we choose it base on how it makes us feel. We look for homes that make us feel secure, comfortable, relaxed, and well for our family to live in. But how can we consider hassle-free when our families are uncovered daily to the toxic residue left behind in our homes by normal Cleaning and Mosquitoes and Bugs control products?

The Products

No Compromise

At Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on product performance when looking for natural alternative. Our vast experience in this industry ensures that when you use Live Herbal, you are using very best in all aspects of performance and responsibility.

Manufactured On- Site

Our onsite manufacturing facilities enable us to stand behind the products that you receive with confidence. From formulation to despatch, we strictly control and monitor the quality and content of our products, guaranteeing the integrity of the product that you receive every time.

Premium Quality, Gentle Ingredients

We are a stubborn bunch when it comes to our company Philosophy and Integrity. This means that we put nothing less than premium quality ingredients in our Live Herbal products, regardless of cost. We firmly believe that we could never put a cost on the health and safety of our families and our environment.

Market Leaders in Natural Technologies

Our Research & development team can sometimes to be a little anti- social, dedicated to sourcing the planet for scientific research on the greatest and latest in Natural Extracts to make sure out products always remain at the fore front in terms of performance and integrity. In all of our products, you will find an outstanding mix of natural extracts to provide your family with the combination of superior performance and gentle results that other just can’t replicate.

Over 9 years of research and manufacturing expertise from our dedicated team has cemented Live Herbal position as a market leader in natural technologies.

100% Indian Owned & Manufactured

We are immensely proud to be a 100% Indian company leading the world by example. Sadly this is fact which seems to be rapidly disappearing from the market.

Home Care

When we choose our prefect home, we choose it based on how it makes us feel. We look for a home that makes us feel safe, comfortable, relaxed, and healthy for our family to live in. But how can we feel relaxed when our families are exposed daily to the toxic residues left behind in our homes by ordinary Cleaning and Mosquitoes & Bugs control products?

The Live Herbal Home Care Range turns the dream of your prefect home into reality for your family. Containing no poisonous substance, toxic colors or fragrance, no bleach or chlorine compounds, you can rest easy that you are providing the very best lifestyle for your family.

The superior Live Herbal range ensures carefree, easy cleaning & mosquitoes control whilst allowing you to maintain the highest possible level of cleanliness & mosquitoes and bugs free environment for your family’s wellbeing. The concentrated formulas provide you with fantastic savings on your normal cleaning expenses.

Live Herbal products contains No caustic alkalis, acids, chlorine compounds, bleach, toxic fumes/smells, fillers or extenders, petroleum by-products, SLS, toxic colours or fragrance, harsh ammoniates, EDTA, parabens, or formaldehyde.

The concerted formula provides you with incredible savings on your usual cleaning expenses. The Live Herbal goods contains Number caustic alkalis, acids, chlorine compound, bleach, toxic fumes/smells, fillers or extenders, juice by-products, SLS, toxic colors or scent, harsh ammoniates, EDTA, parabens and formaldehyde.